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Do You Value Time or Knowledge? Change the Discussion

As we head into the final stretch before RSA, CounterTack, like most cybersecurity organizations, is realizing how critical every day, every hour and every minute is, relative to the work we are doing for our customers in protecting their IT infrastructure. 

And as each vendor, enterprise organization, partner and investor gets ready for five days of meetings, presentations, job interviews and cocktails, RSA is typically the platform for numerous announcements and cybersecurity advancements. 

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Active Defense: Hash Sets

We know that SOC/IR teams suffer from alert overload on a daily basis.  Too many tools resulting in too much data being passed to the teams.  In reviewing those alerts, these folks need to review tons of data to confirm or disprove the alert validity.  SOC and IR pros look for ways to limit the data that they have to review.

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Topics: Next-gen endpoint security, Hash Sets, Active Defense

Why Protection Alone Won’t Work Today

Much like the paperless office, which we talked about for years but then just seemed to happen one fine day, our recent chant that antivirus is dead will also just seem to happen one fine day. But we are not quite there yet. Reason: we are looking for the next generation endpoint protection technology to replace the once trusty AV but comprehensive protection is a long, long ways away.

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Topics: cybersecurity, Next-gen endpoint security

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