Real-Time Endpoint Threat Detection and Response

Careers at CounterTack

Information Security Analyst

CounterTack is seeking security analysts focused on host and malware analysis, diving deep into host systems. Analysts are accountable for creating and maintaining our behavioral profiling library and adjusting it to the latest attacks, threats, and counter measures. You will have a direct impact on the vision and future of our product.

Desired skills and experience:  

  • Strong understanding of network and host based attacker methodologies
  • Strong forensic data skills
  • Reverse Engineering capabilities are a huge plus.
  • Ability to pick apart malware
  • Ability to analyze event and sandbox logs, perform forensic analysis, analyze malware, and understand how attackers leverage operating systems and applications in their attacks.
  • Deep Knowledge of attack vectors and attacker techniques. 
  • Understanding of Windows operating systems internals
  • Solid foundation in networking fundamentals, with a deep understanding of TCP/IP and other core protocols. 
  • Knowledge of network based services and client/server applications
  • Enhancement of our automatic detection and characterization