Real-Time Endpoint Threat Detection and Response

CounterTack Whitepaper

Nextgen Honeynets: A New Line of Defense Against Advanced Targeted Attacks

In the world of cyber security, the idea of creating an impenetrable perimeter is no longer tenable. The masterminds of advanced, targeted attacks will eventually prevail and get in the door. 

Actionable intelligence is the most significant layer you can add to your defense against advanced, targeted cyber attacks. So while your competitors are trying in vain to outrun the bear, you may want to consider an older approach to cyber defense that has only recently been perfected: lure the bear in with a honeynet instead. 

Unlike previous honeynet technology, the new breed pioneered by CounterTack is an effective means of defense in today's cyber security landscape.

The white paper covers:

  • What is an advanced targeted attack and how do they differ from other threats?
  • The Next Security Paradigm: A New Line of Defense. 
  • A new twist in effective security: “Nextgen Honeynets” to detect lateral movement.
  • How CounterTack Scout monitors the actual behavior, not the visible characteristics of an attack.