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Upcoming Webinar

CounterTack holds live webinars showcasing our real-time endpoint threat detection and response solutions, as well as covering key uses cases around endpoint security. 

If you would like to see a live demonstration of CounterTack Sentinel, please contact us now. 

On-Demand Webinars

Live Practical Demonstration of CounterTack Sentinel
Watch our live practical demonstration of CounterTack Sentinel to learn more about our real-time endpoint threat detection and response platform. 

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Using Hackers' Own Methods & Tools to Defeat Persistent Adversaries
Join CounterTack CTO Michael A. Davis to learn how to turn the tables on the attackers, using their own methods and tools against them to counter known and unknown threats.

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An Introduction to CounterTack Sentinel

Watch this short animated video to learn more about CounterTack Sentinel. 

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CounterTack Sentinel Product Demonstration

Our 15 minute demonstration will provide an overview of CounterTack  Sentinel, taking a look at the product to learn how organizations are gaining uprecendented endpoint visibility and threat context to defeat persistent adversaries.

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CounterTack Sentinel: Unprecedented Endpoint Threat Detection & Response

CounterTack CTO Michael Davis discusses how to counter advanced threats with CounterTack Sentinel. 

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Countering Advanced Endpoint Attacks with CounterTack Sentinel

CounterTack's Sentinel platform provides organizations with unprecedented attack context and visibility at the endpoint.

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Data Sheets

CounterTack Sentinel: Real-Time Enterprise Threat Monitoring
CounterTack’s Sentinel is revolutionizing security by bringing real-time attack detection and forensics directly to the endpoint. Faster, smarter and more powerful, CounterTack Sentinel represents the most advanced protection available to the enterprise, allowing organizations to outmaneuver attackers, while leveraging cloud technology for seamless scale.

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CounterTack Sentinel: Knowledge Library
CounterTack’s Knowledge Library is an advanced set of indicators and profiles that automate advanced threat analysis. Leveraging the power of CounterTack Sentinel’s revolutionary production monitoring and correlation technology, the Knowledge library enables real-time characterization of threats against which conventional signature-based, behavioral analysis and whitelisting solutions are blind. 

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Scout: Production Monitoring for Endpoint Intelligence
CounterTack’s Scout brings real-time attack detection and forensics directly to the endpoint for tactical monitoring of production assets. Scout enables security teams to successfully outmaneuver attackers, providing visibility across the entire attack, alerting to other systems, while also providing real-time, contextual analysis for an unparalleled level of accuracy and situational awareness.

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White Papers

CounterTack Technology Overview
CounterTack takes a completely different approach to monitoring endpoint desktops and servers than any other technology. Its long-term vision for revolutionary endpoint threat detection and analysis includes four specific functional areas of focus: Detect, Remediate, Analyze and Resist.

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Nextgen Honeynets: A New Line of Defense Against Advanced Targeted Attacks
Unlike previous honeynet technology, the new breed pioneered by CounterTack is an effective means of defense in today's cyber security landscape.

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Report: Survey Results

A Cyber-readiness Reality Check
More than one-third surveyed say that once an attack penetrates their network, they cannot see it or do anything to stop it. The vast majority of respondents (84 percent) say their organizations are vulnerable to advanced, targeted attacks.

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