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Upcoming Webinar

The Rise of Nation State Attacks: Looking Into the Exclusive Report

Featured Speaker: Larry Ponemon

Date: Wednesday December 9th, 2015

Time: 2:00pm EDT/11:00am PDT

During this webinar, Larry will discuss the key findings in the report and will highlight some glaring vulnerabilities that security personnel should address when considering their defense against nation state threats. Attendees will learn about the the current level of preparedness of enterprises and what is needed to respond to these targeted attacks. 

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Analyst Reports

Ponemon Institute Report: The Rise in Nation State Attacks 
This report reveals organizations’ lack of readiness to respond to nation state attacks due to an uncertainty as to what a nation state attack is and how to identify the key characteristics, methods and motives of these attacks that originate with foreign governments.

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451 Research Report - 2015: The State of Vulnerability Management feat. CounterTack 
CounterTack, the leader in Big Data Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR), has been named by 451 Research as a key integration piece as an endpoint security provider to the evolving vulnerability management process.

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451 Research Report: CounterTack plots a course down dual threat-prevention paths with ManTech Cyber buy
With the acquisition of ManTech Cyber Solutions International (MCSI), CounterTack has gained access to both paths, and the resulting company will have an opportunity to compete in each market.

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On-Demand Webinars

Combining Endpoint and Network Intelligence to Optimize Threat Response
Watch our recorded webinar, featuring 451 Research & Blue Coat Systems, to learn about the key trends driving the Continuous Endpoint Recording market, along with the capabilities necessary to defeat adversaries at the endpoint or the network level. Presenters will detail the approach to integration so teams can gain insight into attacker behavior, regardless of where the threat is detected, and generate a coordinated response to minimize the impact.

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Fighting Advanced Malware with Responder PRO
Watch our recorded webinar as we walk through some of the newest and dirtiest pieces of malware around as we show you how Responder PRO can identify and analyze today’s most advanced threats in real-time.

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Big Data Endpoint Detection & Response (featuring Cloudera)
Join CounterTack with special guest Cloudera for a webinar designed to provide a look at the explosion of Big Data technologies in the cybersecurity market, and how Big Data innovation can power faster data collection at a faster rate to produce more accuracy and efficient responses.

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CounterTack Sentinel Blue Coat Integration
CounterTack | MCSI has joined Blue Coat’s Endpoint Alliance Ecosystem, which was developed to share actionable intelligence gathered from endpoint security vendors with the entire Blue Coat security portfolio, enhancing how Blue Coat customers protect, detect and respond to security incidents.

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CounterTack: Big Data Endpoint Detection and Response
In this video, you will learn about CounterTack Sentinel, the industry's only Big Data Endpoint Detection and Response solution. See how organizations can better protect themselves from endpoint threats using stealth data collection, continuous endpoint behavioral capture, Big Data analysis, and managed remediation capabilities.

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CounterTack Sentinel Product Demonstration
Our 15 minute demonstration will provide an overview of CounterTack  Sentinel, taking a look at the product to learn how organizations are gaining uprecendented endpoint visibility and threat context to defeat persistent adversaries.

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Countering Advanced Endpoint Attacks with CounterTack Sentinel
CounterTack's Sentinel platform provides organizations with unprecedented attack context and visibility at the endpoint.

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Use Cases

Incident Response with CounterTack Sentinel
Incident responders, security analysts and SOC operations managers face the challenge of prioritizing security incidents. The average organization experiences approximately 135 “major” security incidents per year, and it takes them one to two days to investigate a singular incident, and potentially two to three days to actually respond to it. The sheer volume of incidents makes it difficult to decide which ones need attention first – the challenge of prioritization.

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Case Studies

Large Security Provider Case Study
In this case study you will learn how a large security provider in Asia is using both Responder PRO an Active Defense to detect highly sophisticate attacks and provide rapid incident response across multiple locations.

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Fortune 50 Case Study
CounterTack Managed Services using Active Defense with Digital DNA.

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Resort and Casino Case Study
CounterTack successfully responded to credit card breach at a hospitality and gaming organization in the eastern US. The breach had been underway for many months but was discovered just a few days before CounterTack was called in. Existing, seemingly advanced tools had failed to detect the malware the entire time. 

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Big Data Helps Detect and Defeat Security Attacks
Massachusetts-based CounterTack leverages big data analytics from Cloudera to protect organizations from cybercriminals that attempt to gain access by staging attacks on unsuspecting users on corporate endpoints across enterprise networks. These endpoints can include workstations, laptops, smartphones, tablets and even specialized equipment such as retail point of sale (POS) terminals. CounterTack was recently recognized by Gartner in the Gartner Cool Vendors for Application and Endpoint Security 2014 report.

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Data Sheets

Responder® PRO
Responder PRO is the industry standard physical memory and automated malware analysis solution. It is the most advanced tool available for reverse engineering available today. With its powerful memory forensics and malware identification capabilities, Responder PRO allows incident response professionals to collect and analyze critical threat intelligence that can only be found in physical memory such as chat sessions, registry keys, encryption keys, and socket information. With this information, incident responders can effectively validate and respond to a security incident.

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Active DefenseTM   
Active Defense, powered by our flagship technology Digital DNA®, can detect custom malware the moment of an outbreak. Active Defense goes beyond the traditional signature-based solutions such as anti-virus which cannot detect what they have not seen previously. Indicators of Compromise (IOCs), an extension of the signature concept may include parameters such as filename, path, IP addresses or author/source. 

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CounterTack Digital DNA®
Digital DNA is the only deep behavioral analysis technology that forensically analyzes an endpoint’s memory to detect the most advanced threats, including those used against global organizations for theft of intellectual property, classified information and customer records.

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CounterTack Sentinel: Big Data Endpoint Detection and Response
CounterTack’s Sentinel is revolutionizing security by bringing real-time attack detection and forensics directly to the endpoint. Faster, smarter and more powerful, CounterTack Sentinel represents the most advanced protection available to the enterprise, allowing organizations to outmaneuver attackers, while leveraging cloud technology for seamless scale.

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CounterTack Services: HealthCheck
CounterTack provides organizations with the solutions and tools to perform key phases of incident response including detection and malware analysis. Yet as targeted attacks have risen and attackers find new ways to remain persistent in the network, organizations often need reliable, scalable expert services to keep up with the latest cyber threats.

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CounterTack EDR Checklist
EDR enables security and response teams to quickly identify and eliminate targeted threats on desktops and servers, and to gather threat intelligence during and after an attack. In this document you will learn how to identify if your organization is susceptible to attacks, maintain best practices for endpoint security, respond to endpoint attacks and evaluate EDR solutions.

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CounterTack Sentinel: Knowledge Library
CounterTack’s Knowledge Library is an advanced set of indicators and profiles that automate advanced threat analysis. Leveraging the power of CounterTack Sentinel’s revolutionary production monitoring and correlation technology, the Knowledge library enables real-time characterization of threats against which conventional signature-based, behavioral analysis and whitelisting solutions are blind. 

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White Papers

Eliminate the Four Unfair Advantages of APTs
Is it too late? Have corporate IT and security teams lost the war with cybercriminals, state-sponsored hackers and other persistent adversaries? The paper will then look at a new approach to security, Endpoint Detection and Response,  that allows enterprises to take back the initiative by turning some of the methods used by attackers against them.

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CounterTack Technology Overview
CounterTack takes a completely different approach to monitoring endpoint desktops and servers than any other technology. Its long-term vision for revolutionary endpoint threat detection and analysis includes four specific functional areas of focus: Detect, Remediate, Analyze and Resist.

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