Real-Time Endpoint Threat Detection and Response

CounterTack Sentinel: Enterprise-wide Endpoint Threat Detection, Context and Visibility

CounterTack Sentinel Capabilities

At A Glance:
  • Detect endpoint threats at the point of attack
  • Collect attack data from workstations and servers securely
  • Analyze and automatically classify attacks in real-time
  • Prioritize how to handle advanced threats
  • Continuously monitor attacker behaviors across the enterprise
  • Automatic classification of threats across the enterprise
  • Compare data sets to correlate broader attack trends
  • Integrate with advanced security platforms

Make Better Endpoint Security Decisions with CounterTack Sentinel

CounterTack gives security teams the power to own their endpoints with  CounterTack Sentinel, CounterTack's real-time endpoint threat detection and response platform.

CounterTack Sentinel gives organizations unprecedented context and visibility into advanced attacks, allowing for a complete picture of attack methods, attack intent and time spent inside those systems, throughout the attack lifecycle.

Real-time detection and forensic-level analysis set CounterTack Sentinel apart from other platforms, giving security teams the capability to actually see and understand attacks as they are happening, which creates more options for dealing with that threat. 



CounterTack Sentinel's stealthware is embedded into the kernel level on workstations and servers to capture all endpoint behaviors, keeping its driverless collection module hidden so attackers can't see it. Endpoint data is then sent to Sentinel's Big Data Analysis Cluster where it is analyzed based on specific behavior, and classified based on specific criteria met across key events.  



CounterTack Sentinel's Management Console gives security teams the real-time information and analytics necessary to quickly detect and analyze malicious endpoint behavior. Built on "Search" technology, teams can easily find the most critical information quickly to respond intelligently to attacks, and correlate behaviors across the enterprise.