CounterTack Sentinel Overview

Are you eliminating threats or chasing malware?

CounterTack Sentinel empowers security teams to counter advanced endpoint threats in real-time. Sentinel delivers unprecedented visibility and context around targeted, persistent threats for a comprehensive approach to endpoint detection and response. (EDR)

Sentinel Advantages


Gain the advantage over your adversaries with tamper-resistant behavioral detection from Sentinel.

Sentinel Advantages

With the powerful combination of tamper-resistant technology and Big Data analysis capabilities, Sentinel gives defenders a substantial advantage over adversaries for better, faster endpoint security decisions with real-time, automated, forensic-level analysis. 

Sentinel Intelligence

Dramatically cut security incident investigation time and prioritize the management of endpoint threats.

Scale with Sentinel

Sentinel scales enterprise-wide so teams can operationalize the continuous monitoring of workstation, laptop, and server endpoints. With this, teams can condense incident investigation cycles and prioritize the management of the threats that matter.

Our Approach



Restoring integrity to enterprise endpoints is critical to understanding the broader threat surface, and managing them effectively. Sentinel helps teams establish endpoint integrity through data collection that's tamper-resistant and transparent to users and attackers.



Every security and incident response team needs more context and visibility into behavior that’s impacting workstation and server endpoints. Through continuous, real-time data collection and monitoring, Sentinel delivers the capability of continuous response to teams so they can reduce the impact of threats detected.



Understanding the context of threats through full attack lifecycle visibility is critical to mitiigating attacks. Sentinel’s automatic threat detection capability removes the guesswork of teams to understand exactly how to respond to, and manage known and unknown threats.



Through rapid detection of advanced threats and with the context for how those threats correlate across the enterprise, Sentinel enables teams to respond, remediate and resist threats to isolate malicious behavior and eliminate threats entirely.



The ability to monitor endpoints at scale is essential in order to effectively defend systems from persistent attacks across your endpoint environment. Sentinel leverages on-premise, Big Data analytics so organizations can monitor endpoints across the enterprise, without impacting performance.

Our Methodology

CounterTack Sentinel is architected to fit the demands of today’s enterprise security professional. Sentinel scales to large, distributed and sophisticated environments, leveraging attacker-based technology to collect endpoint data to help teams cut down investigatory cycles associated with incident response.

Sentinel is built on four foundational concepts as part of the Continuous Endpoint Threat Detection and Response Lifecycle: Detect, Analyze, Respond and Resist.

Leveraging the latest in data collection and analysis techniques, CounterTack places control back in the hands of defenders.



Detect advanced threats through behavioral-based monitoring. Through its proprietary endpoint data collection process, Sentinel detects the key behaviors that define an incident for teams. Sentinel detects known, unknown and previously unseen attacker behavior.


Analyze threats to fully understand potential impact across all endpoints. Sentinel provides the capability to analyze threats against proprietary and open-source compromise indicators, with the ability to isolate threats on the host. Sentinel will generate threat profiles that can be used in conjunction with preventative measures to reduce the overall impact of threats.


Use actionable intelligence for a continuous response to incidents and threats.

Sentinel lets operators deny advanced threats from fully executing to machines with real-time remediation capabilities so teams can prevent the full attack from impacting the production system.