CounterTack Products

Malware Analysis and Reverse Engineering

With its unparalleled memory forensics and behavioral analysis capabilities, Responder® PRO, the defacto industry standard for WindowsTM physical memory acquisition, cuts through the wide array of anti-forensic measures employed by today’s most stealthy malware, and uncovers artifacts critical for incident response, data compliance and electronic discovery. Cyber Security Analysts can now pull in and analyze Linux memory images to perform memory forensics on endpoints. 

Responder PRO
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Big Data Endpoint Detection and Response

Built on top of a Big Data architecture to counter endpoint attacks at-scale, Sentinel leverages stealth collection technology to capture malicious behavior on workstations and servers. Sentinel dramatically reduces the impact of advanced attacks in real-time and false-positives coming from other security tools, giving teams an opportunity to defend the enterprise before incidents escalate. 

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Behavioral-based Malware Detection

Active Defense™, powered by our flagship solution Digital DNA®, enables incident responders to detect and validate a security incident and then quickly determine the scope of the breach across the enterprise. It detects the custom-coded malware and other variants used by today's attackers that signature-based solutions and Indicators of Compromise (IOCs) cannot detect -- no prior knowledge of the threat is needed.

Active Defense
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