ThreatScan PRO

Cloud-based Endpoint Scanning

CounterTack’s ThreatScan PRO lets teams scan endpoint environments and hunt for threats. IT and security teams of any size or skill level can apply the most powerful memory-based, endpoint scanning technology to determine the infection state based on malware infiltration.

CounterTack delivers visibility into endpoint state for teams with a 100% cloud-delivered technology, and the expertise of a CounterTack expert to analyze critical scans.

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Endpoint Scanning Made Easy

Too often, IT teams are inundated with cybersecurity responsibilities they aren’t trained for. And when advanced attacks hit, they are likely unprepared or not equipped with the right technology to be able to defend against the damage that zero-day’s and APT’s can inflict.

ThreatScan PRO delivers advanced endpoint scanning against intelligence derived from behavioral traits, not signatures or easily discernable patterns.

Enterprise Technology for SMB's

Security teams at mid-sized organizations also need the same level of protection enterprise organizations undertake to protect substantially larger environments. ThreatScan PRO is a perfect fit for an organization looking to quickly know how their endpoint environment is being impacted by malware hiding in memory.

ThreatScan PRO leverages behavioral intelligence to identify malware artifacts and other indicators of potential compromise, calculating a module-level threat score to give users the data they need visually, or the capability to remove it and eradicate it automatically.

Cloud-delivered Flexibility, Easy Deployment

ThreatScan PRO removes the need for the installation of on-premise technology for teams who are overburdened with IT and cybersecurity requirements. ThreatScan PRO is delivered in the cloud to give teams an easy way to scan endpoint environments for malware infections.

Most smaller-sized companies aren't set up for managing enterpise-class technology on-premise, but are already using cloud applications to reduce their overall footprint. ThreatScan PRO can be up and running quickly to meet these requirements, so teams understand their endpoint risk. 


know where your risks are.

Dashboarding in ThreatScan PRO shows operators where agents are running on engaged endpoints, and a summarized view of the severity scoring based on the data that ThreatScan PRO endpoint scans produce. 

Level 1



  • 100 Endpoints
  • Unlimited Scans
  • DDNA Analysis
  • Forensic analysis of 1st scan
Level 2



  • Up to 500 Endpoints
  • Unlimited Scans
  • DDNA Analysis
  • Advanced Scan Policies
  • Customizable scan polices
  • Monthly hands on Forensic Analysis by our expert team                            


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  • 500+ Endpoints
  • DDNA Analysis
  • Advanced Scan Policies
  • Customizable Scan Policies
  • Monthly hands on Forensic Analysis by our expert team