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Advanced Mitigation Services


The search for a "silver bullet" cyber security solution is never ending. Advanced adversaries continue to develop new attack methods designed to evade today’s security solutions. Security Teams need to look to Active Threat Management - the coupling of human threat hunting talent with predictive threat detection technologies to deliver successful and expedient threat mitigation.


Is your cyber security compromised?

Find out with a gosecure security compromise assessment (SCA)

GoSecure's SCA delivers 60 days of our premium Advanced Adversary Protection service.  Our team of trained and experienced threat hunters identify the hidden malware and advanced adversaries that evade tradition cyber security technologies and processes.

GoSecure SCA:

  • Identifies threats compromising your sensitive data and business operations.
  • Assesses your defensive capabilities and how they perform against sophisticated attacks.
  • Improves your ability to detect and mitigate future compromises.

How much are you spending on iR retainers?

stop wasting limited security budgets on low value returns

GoSecure's AAP clients get the most value out of their cyber security budget. We respond to the most critical phase of an incident, the first 72 hours, at no extra fee. Our threat hunting team leverages over 400,000 man hours of experience to respond quickly, efficiently and at a lower cost.

.GoSecure AAP Incident Response delivers:

  • Incident handling by analysts who know your organization and systems.
  • Instantly accessible Incident Response tools, with no time lost deploying tools.
  • No red tape, we'll have the necessary access and agreements signed with your organization and insurers.


GoSecure Advanced Adversary Protection (AAP) goes far beyond simple security incident alerting by taking a direct and active role in detecting advanced threats and proactively mitigating them before they compromise sensitive data assets or business operations.



A Collaborative Model

AAP employs a collaborative approach. Our Active Response Center team becomes an extension of your Security Team.

Unparalleled Detection

Leveraging a Big Data approach, our hunt team tracks threats from the network to the endpoint. They analyze behaviors on-disk, in the OS and in memory to detect, predict and mitigate the most advanced threats.

24x7 Threat Hunting and Mitigation

AAP features a dedicated hunt team with over 400,000 hours experience. They identify, track and stop advanced threats that other managed service providers miss.

Consolidated Platform

AAP features a unified platform consolidating multiple security functions and technologies. Alerts and reports are aggregated into a management portal accessible by AAP clients.

Aggressive SLAs

With client agreement, we will own mitigation. We back that with 15 minute threat determination-to-mitigation SLAs, the most aggressive in the market.


A Great Value



An organization with 2 data centers, 2 business centers, 8 remote offices and 5,000 endpoints

GoSecure Advanced Adversary Protection

Average 62% cost reduction


*Exact price may vary based on services selected and endpoints supported

Cyber Security

Delivering Results

>85 Billion Events detected

>55 Billion Events analyzed

>3 Million CnC connections investigated

>750,000 Policy violations detected

>5,000 Advanced investigations

>3,200 Controlled incidents