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The New Face of Enterprise Threats: Perimeter defenses have shown themselves to be as effective as the Maginot Line during World War II – it’s time for a new approach.

Generals are often accused of fighting the last war – applying tactics from previous battles regardless of whether or not they truly fit the current situation – especially if those tactics were successful. I suppose it’s human nature to do so.It’s what they know. It’s what their armies are already trained and equipped to do. After all, they’ve already done it. Tactics from a past war may have led to victory – and even promotion – but seldom work a second time.

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Introducing CounterTack

Each year, more than $32 billion is spent worldwide on security technologies, yet motivated cyber attackers are still finding ways to penetrate the network. Efforts to create a layered security defense are largely failing due to an outmoded focus on the perimeter and already known threats. Enterprise and government organizations need a way to deal with the new reality created by continuous whaling attacks and custom malware attempts that now penetrate even the most “secure” enterprise. With these advanced persistent threats increasing at an exponential rate, organizations need a completely new line of defense.

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