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CounterTack's Sentinel is Now the Endpoint Threat Platform!


We want to tell you more about the Endpoint Threat Platform!

CounterTack's Endpoint Threat Platform (ETP) is a robust platform that enterprise security teams can build on to counter advanced threats that signature-only approaches cannot detect.

CounterTack applies a unique combination of multi-technique detection and response capabilities around behavioral and binary analysis in its ETP, to give teams full-spectrum coverage for damaging threats like Ransomware.

The ETP from CounterTack delivers enterprise-class endpoint security functionality that is built on one single, powerful endpoint sensor so teams can: 

  • Know and understand endpoint risk in real-time, enterprise-wide
  • Dramatically improve Incident Response cycles with accurate endpoint threat detection
  • Identify, prioritize and neutralize threats that will impact your business
  • Visualize endpoint threats within any security operations toolset

EndPoint Threat Platform