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Managed Endpoint Security Services

Global. Experienced. Focused. Managed Endpoint Security Services Delivered by Trustwave and CounterTack.

Trustwave's Managed Detection and Response for Endpoint security (MDRe) is powered by CounterTack’s Endpoint Protection Platform, an integral endpoint technology built into Trustwave’s cloud-delivered, global managed security services.  


A New Level of Protection

The Managed Detection and Response for Endpoint security service from CounterTack and Trustwave extends well beyond where traditional MSSP go today. CounterTack and Trustwave help organizations counter targeted, sophisticated threats to deliver true cyber security value through continuous, behaviorally-based detection and response capabilities that give customers breadth, scale and peace of mind.

Trustwave Spider Labs: Extraordinary, Targeted Threat Hunting

Trustwave SpiderLabs is an elite team of ethical hackers, forensic investigators and researchers helping organizations fight cybercrime, protect data and reduce risk.  Each day, this team of 250+ security professionals process over two billion security events and scan one million endpoints for vulnerabilities each day.

CounterTack’s ETP platform capabilities provide a deep, forensic-level analysis layered on top of behavioral, machine learning and binary analysis techniques within the Trustwave service. This combination of threat detection and analysis at-scale empower the services personnel at Trustwave hunt for threats on an entirely new level as compared to other services in the market.

Worldwide Coverage

Attackers don’t sleep. And the threats they launch don’t execute during working hours only. The reality for the modern organization is its becoming critical to battle adversaries on their playing field, with a fortified approach to neutralizing their impact without disruption of the business. 

Trustwave with CounterTack’s EPP platform gives customers a 24/7/365 set of technologies and services across nine global endpoint security operations centers (SOCS) for a level of support that has not been matched in the industry.

Countering Attackers on Their Battlefield

With tamper-resistant, lightweight agent-based surveillance mechanics working overtime to spot malicious behavior, the MDR for managed security service can detect and act on behalf of customers with accuracy, breadth and scale to stop attackers in their tracks.

MDR for Endpoint security by CounterTack and Trustwave steps beyond static log collection and alerting to take incident response and shake it up for organizations in need of an always-on, always-watching partner who can react instantly to unknown threats, and who can predict and proactively kill threats before they fully escalate to protect business systems and critical assets.